Success Stories

"We have invested in Sri Lanka since 2009 and we have been partnering with the CSE for over 5 years; we see a tremendous future for collaboration between the London Stock Exchange, our capital markets and Sri Lanka and our support is to help further facilitate and build on that connection from a broader London Capital Market perspective"
Mr. Alexander Justham - Chief Executive Officer, London Stock Exchange, London Investor Forum, May, 2014

"I am very positive about the outlook of the Sri Lankan economy; in my opinion the best economic growth stories are very supply side led, here Sri Lanka can excel adding infrastructure where it did not exist before, Sri Lanka is adding port capacity to leverage its position on east-west shipment routes, developing itself into a transhipment hub, and working on more efficient and powerful power capacity - these very simple improvements will have a very large impact on the productive potential of the economy"
- Mr. Gordon Fraser - Fund Manager, Member of the Emerging Markets Specialists Team, Blackrock, London Investor Forum, May, 2014

"The Colombo Stock Exchange and the SEC knew that the forward march of the country depends on the capital market and we employed a reputable agency to do a strategic study on what we can do to bring the capital market up to world standards and the recommendations are now being implemented. The areas of IT infrastructure development, regulation, new instruments and also knowledge building, awareness building and institutional building in the capital market. That is a bit of a short history of how we started in 2009"
- Mr. Vajira Kulatilaka, Chairman CSE, New York Forum, September, 2014

"The good thing about Sri Lanka is that despite high economic growth, if you look at the private sector debt to GDP ratio and the increase in those, those have been fairly healthy, as far as Sri Lanka is concerned. Another thing I find positive about Sri Lanka is that it is in the geographical sweet spot"
Mr. Ruchir Sharma, Head of Emerging Markets, Morgan Stanley Investment Management, New York Forum, September, 2014

"We have gone into many other markets, but what we liked about Sri Lanka was that the regulators were both commercial and accessible. The places where we have had the best results have been the places where we have been in partnership with the regulators; both the banking regulators and securities regulators. Because then we can work with them to bring the banks and other financial institutions forward. Here we found that there were no roadblocks and in fact the government was a facilitator, so we like Sri Lanka as a place to do business and in conjunction with the regulators, we look forward to helping the bank move forward"
- Mr. Michael O'Hanlon, Senior Advisor at TPG Capital, New York Forum, September, 2014